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1 Upper Ocean Geostrophic Current and Volume Transport Across Meridional Transects in the Indian Sector of Southern Ocean. View metadata 12/10/2020
2 Production of Certain Hydrolytic Enzymes by Psychrophilic Bacteria from the Antarctic Krill, Zooplankton and Seawater. View metadata 9/09/2020
3 Hydrodynamics along Meridional Transects in the Southwest Indian Ocean Sector of the Southern Ocean during Austral Summer 2007. View metadata 8/10/2020
4 Probiotics maintain the gut microbiome homeostasis during Indian Antarctic expedition by ship View metadata 6/10/2021
5 Ice Core Drilling in the Central Dronning Maud Land and Snow Studies in the Larsemann Hills Region: Field Activities and Initial Results. View metadata 8/10/2020
6 Urine metabolite profiling of Indian Antarctic Expedition members: NMR spectroscopy-based metabolomic investigation View metadata 6/10/2021
7 Latitudinal Distribution of Zooplankton in the Southern Ocean with Special Reference to Euphausiids View metadata 25/08/2020
8 Validation of Air-Sea Interface Parameters in the Southwest Indian Ocean Sector of the Southern Ocean. View metadata 8/10/2020
9 A preliminary study on the effects of temperature variability on the metabolic rates of Antarctic Krill under laboratory conditions. View metadata 12/10/2020
10 Meteorological Studies at Antarctica. View metadata 24/08/2020
11 Impact of the harsh Antarctic environment on mucosal immunity View metadata 6/10/2021
12 Status and distribution of birds in Southern Indian Ocean and Antarctica with special reference to climate change. View metadata 12/10/2020
13 Phytoplankton Organisms Collected During the First Indian Antarctic Expedition. View metadata 21/08/2020
14 Indira Mount - An Underwater Mountain in the Antarctic Ocean. View metadata 21/08/2020
15 Biochemical Components of the Benthic Regions in Antarctic Waters View metadata 21/08/2020
16 Aerobiological Investigations View metadata 25/08/2020
17 Design and Development of Indigenous Shipborne Acoustic Sounder for Remote Sensing of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL) Over Ocean. View metadata 17/09/2020
18 A Study of Marine Ambient Acoustic Noise in Relation to Marine Life in Antarctic Waters During Austral Summer of Xviii Indian Expedition to Antarctica (1998-99). View metadata 28/09/2020
19 A Note on the Role of Sub-Tropical Anticyclones of Southern Hemisphere on the Severity and Persistence of Weather over Coastal Antarctica. View metadata 7/09/2020