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Health in Antarctica: Indian Perspective View metadata 12/11/2009
Biogeochemistry and Paleoenvironmental studies of Larsemann Hills, Prydz Bay and SchirmacherOasis (Reconstruction of relative sea level from lacustrine sediments of Ongul Island) View metadata 8/11/2021
Apportioning nurdles and microplastics on the way to Antarctica using foldscope View metadata 6/11/2021
An Investigation into Social Network of Animals in extreme environment of Antarctica and role of casual factors in defining social biology with special reference to Penguins. View metadata 6/11/2021
Hydrodynamics of the Indian Ocean sector of chokepoint between Africa and Antarctica and coastal Antarctica, as a part of validation of satellite data. View metadata 8/11/2021
Hydrographic Survey ? Off Princess Astrid Coast and Larsemann Hills View metadata 6/11/2021
Neuro-cognitive performance and Emotional Regulation among Antarctic Expedition Group: Convergence Evidence from Electrophysiological Behavioural Investigation View metadata 6/11/2021