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1 Blizzard Storms: Coastal Regions of Indian Antarctic Station, Dakshin Gangotri (1985-86 Summer). View metadata 7/09/2020
2 Magnetometrics in the Study of Sub-surface Structures of Antarctica Margin. View metadata 24/08/2020
3 Geology of Schirmacher Range (Dakshin Gangotri),East Antarctica. View metadata 26/08/2020
4 Experiment on Artificial Augmentation of Ablation on the Shelf Ice, Antarctica. View metadata 24/08/2020
5 Automatic Weather Station at Dakshin Gangotri, Antarctica. View metadata 7/09/2020
6 Results of Electromagnetic and Electrical Measurements in Antarctica. View metadata 26/08/2020
7 Some Geological and Glaciological Observations during Reconnaissance of the Terrain South of Dakshin Gangotri Station, Antarctica. View metadata 26/08/2020
8 Some Interesting Features of the Infrasonic Observation carried out during the Fifth Indian Antarctic Expedition (1985-86). View metadata 7/09/2020
9 Magnetic and Seismic Investigations on the Ice-Shelf around the Indian Permanent Station in Antarctica. View metadata 4/09/2020
10 Strati-graphic Studies of Antarctic Ice. View metadata 24/08/2020
11 Communication System at Dakshin Gangotri, Antarctica. View metadata 8/09/2020
12 Seasonal Variation in Particulate Organic Matter and its Constituent Fractions under the Ice covered sea near the Shelf, Antarctica. View metadata 7/09/2020
13 Measurement of Aerosol Particles along a Section from 8 N Latitude to Antarctica in the South western Region of the Indian Ocean View metadata 18/08/2020
14 Primary and Extracellular Production during Austral Summer at 70S, 12E, Antarctica. View metadata 7/09/2020
15 High Frequency Communication in Antarctica. View metadata 24/08/2020
16 Geology of Dakshin Gangotri Hill Range, Antarctica. View metadata 26/08/2020
17 Petrochemical Studies of the Rock Sample From Dakshin Gangotri, Antarctica. View metadata 21/08/2020
18 Fracture and Fatigue Studies on Mild and Structural Steels for use in Antarctica. View metadata 7/09/2020
19 Zooplankton of the Antarctica waters View metadata 21/08/2020
20 Meteorological Studies at Antarctica During The Period March, 1986 to February, 1987. View metadata 7/09/2020
21 Isotopic and TL Studies of Antarctic Ice Samples. View metadata 24/08/2020
22 Dakshin Gangotri : The Indian Permanent Station in Antarctica View metadata 25/08/2020
23 Chemical Studies on the Ice Shelf, in a Freshwater Lake and in a Polynya at Princess Astrid Coast, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica. View metadata 19/08/2020
24 Typical Meteorological and Oceanological Situations Encountered during the Fifth Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica (1985-86). View metadata 4/09/2020
25 The Antarctic Winter as Recorded at Dakshin Gangotri View metadata 17/08/2020
26 Iceberg Studies in Antarctic Waters. View metadata 24/08/2020
27 Glaciochemical Studies in Antarctica. View metadata 4/09/2020
28 Studies of High Latitude D-Region Using VLF Observations. View metadata 24/08/2020
29 Prospects of Horticulture in Antarctica. View metadata 8/09/2020
30 Radio wave Transmission Characteristics in Antarctica View metadata 18/08/2020
31 Radioactivity Measurements on Some Rock and Water Samples from Dakshin Gangotri, Antarctica. View metadata 26/08/2020
32 Distribution of a Few Trace Metals in a Section in the South-Western Indian Ocean. View metadata 18/08/2020
33 On the Distribution of Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphate and Boron in the South-Western Indian Ocean Region of the Southern Ocean View metadata 18/08/2020
34 Some Physical Characteristics of the Antarctic and Western Indian Oceans View metadata 17/08/2020
35 Magnetic Characteristics in Antarctica over Geological Contacts in Schirmacher Hill Region and the Ice Self near, Dakshin Gangotri (70?05 View metadata 25/08/2020
36 Geomagnetic Field Variations Near Dakshin Gangotri, Antarctica. View metadata 24/08/2020
37 Hydro meteorological Characteristics of Snow and Ice over Antarctica View metadata 17/08/2020
38 Some Features of PCS Magnetic Pulsations in Dakshin Gangotri, Antarctica. View metadata 7/09/2020
39 Seismic Investigations on the Ice-shelf Near Dakshin Gangotri, Antarctica. View metadata 26/08/2020
40 Meteorological Studies at Dakshin Gangotri (Antarctica) March 1984 to February 1985. View metadata 25/08/2020
41 Mineralogical Variation in the Gneisses from Dakshin Gangotri, Antarctica. View metadata 24/08/2020
42 Clothing for Antarctica. View metadata 8/09/2020
43 Infrasonic Observations at Antarctica. View metadata 24/08/2020
44 An Automatic Recording Weather Station at Dakshin Gangotri View metadata 17/08/2020
45 A Study of Dakshin Gangotri Ice-shelf. View metadata 26/08/2020
46 Geology of the Dakshin Gangotri Landmass, Schirmacher Hill,Antarctica. View metadata 24/08/2020
47 Studies on the Effect of Antarctic Environment on Some Saprophytic Tropical Fungi. View metadata 7/09/2020
48 A Comparative Study of Quiet Day Variation of the Geomagnetic Field at Dakshin Gangotri (India) and Novolazarevskaya (USSR) in Antarctica. View metadata 7/09/2020
49 Benthic Fauna of the Antarctic Ocean - Quantitative Aspects View metadata 21/08/2020
50 A Note on Comparative Methane Measurements on an Antarctic Air Sample. View metadata 8/09/2020
51 Study of the Ionised and Non-Ionised Atmosphere. View metadata 26/08/2020
52 Mineralising Snow-Melt Water. View metadata 8/09/2020
53 Petrography of the Biotite-Hornblende Bearing Quartzo-Feldspathic Gneisses from Dakshin Gangotri, Schirmacher Hill, Antarctica. View metadata 24/08/2020
54 Monitoring of Icebergs in Antarctic Waters and A Note on the Secular Movement of Dakshin Gangotri Glacier. View metadata 9/09/2020
55 Sea Birds and Marine Mammals of the First Indian Antarctic Expedition (1981-82) View metadata 18/08/2020
56 Primnoisis Spicata (Hickson) (Order Gorgonacea LmxFamily Isididae Lmx) From the Antarctic Sea View metadata 25/08/2020
57 On the Amphibolities from the Indian Research Stationat Antarctica. View metadata 24/08/2020
58 On the Nature of the Basic Rock Erratics from the Dakshin Gangotri Landmass, Antarctica. View metadata 24/08/2020
59 Position Fixing in Antarctica View metadata 17/08/2020
60 Magnetic Survey Over the Ice-shelf Around the Indian Permanent Station in Antarctica. View metadata 26/08/2020