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AWS & Meteorological Datasets

Data collected and submitted by the participant Organization(s) of Indian Scientific Expedition at Maitri and Bharati stations in Antarctica:

Data Types Description Data Submitted by
AWS Weather Data such as Temp, RH, Pressure and Wind Speed IMD
Synoptic/Weather Weather Data such as Temp,Pressure, Wind Speed and Wind Direction IMD
Radiation Radiation Data
Surface Ozone Surface Ozone Data
GPS Observation(o) and Navigation (n),
Ionospheric and Ionosonde Data at Maitri
DFM Three Orthogonal components of Magnetic field such as H,D and Z. IIG
GEC Maxwell Current, Air-Earth Current, EFM, +ve conductivity and -ve conductvity
ICM Earth Magnetic field in N-S, E-W and Vertical direction(s) respectively (H, D and Z)
PPM Total Magnetic Field (F)
RIOMETER Imaging Riometer contains 16 channel corresponding to each antenna (4x4). Each channel contains the cosmic noise absorption data in decibel.
Environmental Black Carbon Measurement NCAOR
NOx Measurement
Water Analysis

Note: The data may be requested at NPDC, NCAOR, Goa for Academic and R & D Purpose. Click on Contact for the same.